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Mennekes (Type 2) to 3 x C19 adaptor

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This Mennekes adaptor allows you to plug in one double charger (or two single chargers) as well as a Zero onboard charger.

The adaptor is capable of 20A on each of IEC C19 plugs. We also include a C19 to C13 adaptor for your Zero onboard charger. The C19 to C13 adaptor is rated at 10A @ 250V and 15A @ 125V which is more than the power required by the Zero onboard charger for 2013-2017 models.

Note that this adaptor requires a three phase Mennekes station to provide power to each IEC C19 plug. Always check the available supply of the station to ensure that you don’t exceed the station current limits per phase.

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