New in 2014, the team’s Zero SR electric motorcycle has been modified for track racing.

Key changes to optimise performance include suspension work, modified RSV4 and CBR1000 fairings and seat, ventilated motor and ducted fan for improved air cooling. Additional tweaks have been done to the motor controller to achieve higher torque at high RPMs as well as higher gearing to raise the bikes top speed to 185kph.


Ready to Race

Here’s the bike in full race livery.

Modified 2014 Zero SR production electric motorcycle ready to race



The image below allows you to see the external modifications to the stock Zero SR (shown at the bottom of the page).

2014 Zero SR with custom fairing, tank, tail and gearing for maximum track performance


  • Fairings – Aprilia RSV4 front, lower and tail fairings by Handcraft Fibreglass
  • Tank – Honda CBR1000RR tank by Handcraft Fibreglass
  • Seat – Honda CBR1000RR seat
  • Rearsets: Custom rearsets with Vortex Pegs
  • Clip-ons: Vortex
  • Paintwork: Red/black by Collide A Scope
  • Sprockets: Custom 17 x 66
  • Triple clamp: Custom aluminium
  • Front and rear suspension: Mods by Shock Treatment
  • Motor: Ventilated with 40mm Electric Ducted Fan for cooling
  • Rear brake: Left hand rear brake
  • Tyres: Dunlop Alpha 13 – Rear 140 70 17 & Front 110 70 17
  • Brake pads: EBC EPFA
  • Data Logger: Speedangle



Stock 2014 Zero SR electric. Image courtesy of Zero Motorcycles.


  • Motor: Zero 75-7 Permanent Magnet AC motor
  • Power: 50kW / 67hp
  • Torque: 144Nm / 106 lb/ft
  • Controller: Sevcon Gen4-Size 6 controller – 660Amp max current
  • Battery: Z-Force 11.4kWh (116 Volt x 100 Amp 7C rating)
  • Range: Track = 60km, Highway = 100km, Urban = 150km